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To the artists, associations and teachers who allowed me and

allow you to progress in painting and creativity, in particular

(in alphabetical order) :

- Henriette Adriensence and her classes at Orsay

- The APSP association (Palaiseau) and its workshops  

- The Art91 association (Les Ulis) and its live model workshop

- Eric Bari and his internships

- Francesc Bordas and his classes at Orsay

- P aule Bringer and his friendly advice

- The CCAA association (Antony) and its critical evenings

- Pierre Gilles, his conferences and his creativity courses

- Thierry Lefort and his courses at Orsay and Palaiseau.

- The Mosaique association (Orsay) and its workshops                     

- Carlos Rodriguès and his courses at AFW.

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