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"Plastic creation has meaning and interest only insofar as it takes charge of the past and the present and does not fall back on questions of means and virtuosity; and the work, whatever its materiality, must be thoughts and affects immediately visible and comprehensible to all. " Philippe Dagen, critical article, Le Monde, August 15, 2014.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

From a creative and recreational hobby practiced as a teenager, painting became when I retired in 2004, an exciting and fascinating activity.

The frequentation of numerous workshops, the courses received from several artists, the frequent visits to exhibitions in France or abroad, allowed me to improve not only my technique and my practice, but especially to take a new look at the world of Art.

Figurative painting to celebrate reality that I like, but also figuration tinged with abstraction and sometimes downright an abstraction stimulated by the medium used.

By painting as by drawing, I forget the rest of the world and concentrate on what I am trying to represent. My last work always seems to me the best because I am still under the spell and the pleasure of the moment spent performing it.

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