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Containment Journal

Self-portraits from March 15 to 24, 2020

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Portrait à l'huile du 15 mars. Sur papier format A3.
Huile du 17 mars 2020
Dessin du 23 mars 2020
Autoportrait du 24 mars. Collage sur crton format A3.

I try to vary the conditions

- I look at myself with or without glasses, I put on a hat or not; I draw from a photo if I'm in a hurry (yes, yes, too much to do!) ...

- I change medium: pencil, oil paint, gouache, markers, oil pastels, collages ...

It's a good exercise, an asceticism, a test too! It is not often similar and I do not realize it until after. I don't look at myself often and don't see myself as others see me ... and that's better.

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